I was born in Luanda, Angola, 23 years ago.

I’ve lived there for 17 years, then moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where I stayed until January of this year, which was when I moved to New York. Before New York, I studied Graphic Design during high school, and also did a one year Animation program and a 2 months Intensive Film Program.
I’ve always grew surrounded by people of the arts and exposed to different cultures. My Dad is a theatre director and writer, and manages a independent group for 28 years now; They rehearsed in a old colonial Portuguese building that was used as a college, and after that college closed, they just kept staying and doing their shows there, and it eventually transformed into a broad unofficial cultural space, open to all types of people from different artistic backgrounds and goals. There were dance groups, there were painters and photographers, there were musicians and other theatre groups.
I spent a lot of my childhood in this environment surrounded by actors, artists,musicians, drunks, intellectuals, sad and happy people, and family. I was highly influenced by all of it directly and indirectly. I’ve always drawn and done illustration, but I also have a love for film and photography.